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Discover the Key Highlights of The Peak of Data Integration 2023 – the most important event for data professionals & FME users!

By October 13, 2023November 7th, 2023Events, FME
Peak of Data Integration

The world’s largest FME user meeting, The Peak of Data Integration 2023, took place on September 5-7 in Bonn, Germany, and brought together more than 600 data enthusiasts. The event was organized by Safe Software and Con terra. Read the summary.

The conference attracted professionals from all over the world who work with data on a daily basis. Therefore, the presentations on the use of the FME Platform in projects implemented in a variety of industries, allowed to learn about a really wide range of applications of this solution – sometimes in completely unexpected contexts.

The attendees explored the technical secrets of the Platform’s operation during practical training sessions. They were able to learn more about automating work with FME Flow, integrating FME with the help of the Python programming language, creating connections through APIs and ensuring the quality of geographic data – to name just a few.

The conference was also an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments in data integration.

During a meeting with Safe Software’s founders, Don Murray and Dale Lutz, and FME’s lead developers, the attendees learned firsthand about the future plans for FME Platform.

Inspiring applications of data and the FME Platform

During their presentations, the Peak of Data Integration speakers, proved that applications of the FME platform can go far beyond the business sphere.

Ken Bragg, representing Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières), showed how the FME solution supports the operations of global humanitarian missions – using data on natural disasters, epidemiological data, or information on mission security.

Con terra’s Christian Elfers, in his presentation “Shaping the Future with the Cloud and GeoIT”, showed how concepts and solutions like artificial intelligence, digital twins, and open platforms can be used to address a variety of current and projected societal challenges.

Globema at Peak of Data Integration 2023

Globema’s representatives also shared their knowledge and experience in the area of data and the use of the FME Platform.

  • Tomasz Gulczyński, Director of Ai/ML Solutions Department, gave a presentation titled: “Let’s Collect Network Data – Various Methods and Technologies for Data Capture and Acquisition”. He presented a number of Globema’s original applications for data acquisition – both from paper documents and from the field.
  • Mateusz Pyra, Geospatial Data Specialist, gave a talk: “Better and Time-Efficient FTTH Network Designs with FME.” He highlighted how, with the help of the FME Platform, freely available network data can be used to make a preliminary network design, estimate investment costs, and decide which investment is the most cost-effective.

„The Peak of Data Integration 2023 proved to be not only an invaluable source of knowledge, but also an inspiration for action and a place for insightful discussions. The event undoubtedly left an unforgettable impression and opened new opportunities for all data integration enthusiasts. It’s a great conference for everyone working with data, not only for partners or very advanced FME users.”

– Wiktor Sawicki, Globema

We are already looking forward to the next edition of The Peak of Data Integration conference, which is scheduled for spring 2025 and will take place in Seattle!

For more details about The Peak of Data Integration 2023, visit the event page: Safe Software