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Impactful change for FME users – the 32-bit version support is being terminated

By February 17, 2022FME

Do you use FME in the 32-bit version? Get ready for changes. From March 2022, FME will be distributed in the 64-bit version only. FME 2021.2 release from November 2021 is the last release to be distributed with support for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

What’s the future for the 32-bit version?

FME developers may continue to provide limited patches of FME 2021.2.x 32-bit release until March 2026 to ensure there is a stable 32-bit release available.

Safe Software reports that application providers associated with FME gradually step away from 32-bit software versions. Due to deprecated functionality related to third-party components, Safe Software cannot guarantee the security of its 32-bit platform version.

However, FME creators assure the users that despite many data formats needing 32-bit software architecture, most of them already support 64-bit versions.

Until March 2026, Safe Software will maintain providing support for the 32-bit platform version for FME tools distributed in the previous years. They won’t, however, implement any new functionalities and updates. Changes cover both FME Server and FME Desktop.

What are the consequences for the users?

32-bit version users have two options:


Continuing to use this FME version

This means that they won’t be able to use the newest functionalities and from March 2026 they will lose Safe Software support for their software. This may result in limited convenience and deteriorated security of applications.

Moving to the 64-bit FME version (and associated applications)

This is the recommended approach that will allow the users to use all new functionalities without worrying about software security and compatibility with plug-ins and apps that they use.

Do you still use the 32-bit FME version? Are you not sure how to proceed?