• Need a new feature, report, or integration to your GE Smallworld solution but have no internal resources to implement it?
  • Do you want to improve the quality of Magik development in a cost-effective way?
  • Would you like to speed up the development of your Smallworld solution by extending your team?
  • Are you looking for an experienced development team for a project in Smallworld environment?
  • Do you need a technology partner who understand your business?

What we do?

We use the Agile approach internally and encourage customers to engage at all stages of the process.

We help with business requirements analysis and process re-modelling.

We implement solutions based on a deep knowledge of all Smallworld versions (from 3.3 to 5.2).

We have a dedicated team of testers who ensure our solutions are delivered with the highest quality.

We have extensive experience in improving the performance of the Smallworld based solutions (application start-up, data exports, network tracing, etc.).

We solve data quality problems.

Why it’s worth it?

  • High quality and efficient code delivered by our experienced team members
  • Shorter schedule – decreased time-to-market
  • Cost-effective outsourcing of GE Smallworld solution development and maintenance
  • Accurate positioning of Network Inventory solutions in business processes

Use Globema expertise

Knowledge of telco and utilities

Since 1998 Globema has been delivering Smallworld development services to companies all around the globe. Our solutions are used by customers operating power, telecommunication, gasor heating networks. We look after more than 30 different Smallworld-based inventory systems directly.

Own products development

We work with standard GE products (Electric Office, Global Transmission Office, Physical Network Inventory, Logical Network Inventory), develop standard add-ons (Physical Route Manager, Optical Network Atlas, Data Center Manager) and if necessary, we can develop specialized applications or modules if there isn’t a standard one already.

Implementations of Smallworld based solutions

Over the years, we’ve implemented, developed and maintained more than 30 Smallworld installations across Europe. Globema has worked with Smallworld partners and customers all around the world (USA, EMEA and APAC).

Upgrades of Smallworld

We’ve conducted a full range of Smallworld upgrades starting from version 3.3 up to versions 5.2.x, including upgrades of GE Smallworld applications (PNI, LNI, GTO) and be-spoke solutions based on Smallworld Core.


We have integrated Smallworld with various OSS, ERP, BI and CRM solutions. Our team has broad experience with GSS, FME, and Smallworld Enterprise Gateway.

Let the numbers speak for themselves:



lines of Magik code written and delivered to customers



years of Smallworld development experience



Smallworld licenses sold

What’s the plan?

Over the years we have delivered projects, services and products to over 100 Smallworld customers. If you would like to join them, contact us: our team of experienced analysts, designers and developers will first work closely with you to understand your needs and then propose the most effective and optimized solution.

Our primary principle is to exceed expected value all while using as little custom code as possible – we strive to use existing components first.

Contact us and learn more about our expertise, experience and the way of work

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