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5-star summer at Globema

By September 9, 2020October 27th, 2020Artificial Intelligence, Mobile, R & D, Smallworld, WorkForce Management

There are different ways to spend the summer vacation. Some people relax on the beach, while others wander around mountains or watch spectacular Perseids meteor shower. We haven’t been watching stars this summer at Globema, but we created them ourselves. During vacation season we expanded our portfolio with 5 new products!

The pandemic hasn’t stopped Globemians nor affected their creativity. We worked mostly from home and developed new products that premiered this summertime. Here’s a recap of the newest stars in our portfolio and a completely new announcement at the end!


A system that automates scanned document categorization, making paper document digitization easier and faster. It also provides convenient access to their content for every employee in your company.

Low-voltage Topology

A mobile application that uses artificial intelligence to recognize voice, gestures, and images for collecting data about field infrastructure of low-voltage energy networks and reporting its updates.

GeoTask Planner

A cloud service with an API that helps plan optimal schedules for tasks and routes. Can be launched and work within 24 hours!

Data Center Manager

A new add-on for GE Smallworld PNI users which allows them to conveniently manage ISP/DC.


It’s a new hydraulic calculation module created as a supplement for EC.GIS. It can be also implemented for GeoGrid. It supports heating networks as well as water supply networks.

As you can see, solutions presented above are crafted for different industries and segments, such as telecommunications, energy, or heating. Moreover, those products show versatility of our team because they use different technologies, like cloud services, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

We don’t forget about any industry in our Research and Development Center. We prepared solutions that improve business processes in all of them. We hold the official status of the Research and Development Center granted by the Ministry of Development for 8 years now. Our solutions are recognized as highly innovative and can be used commercially as well as in local government and key service operator projects.

Would you like to learn more?

If you are interested in any of the solutions, contact us! We will be glad to present the possibilities of our solutions and show how they can support your organization.