Smart Grid Solutions

As renewable energy becomes a large percentage of total energy produced globally, its impact on the quality and reliability of the electric power grid is becoming more pressing – especially for distribution and transmission system operators.

Globema delivers specialized software solutions that support the construction and maintenance of smart grids, featuring optimal distribution network infrastructure management, advanced technical calculations (based on static and dynamic data, also from AMI), forecasting & planning production of energy from RES, control and regulation of voltage levels and reactive power as well as mechanisms to actively shape the demand.

Smart Grid Solutions


WorkForce Management

EL.GIS – Power Grid Management

ELGrid – Electric Grid Optimization

4RES – Renewables Production Planning

MGrid – Microgrid Management

iSKOL – Monitoring Overhead HV Lines

GE PowerOn Advantage


Globema has delivered geospatial solutions to over 50 utlities in Europe and abroad. Our expertise in GIS, WFM, DMS/OMS and SCADA systems, as well as the proven experience in developing & implementing specialized software solutions for the energy sector, guarantee professional implementations and efficient software support for smart grid construction projects & smart metering roll-outs.

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