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Globema specializes in industry specific, GE Smallworld-based, spatial resources management systems for companies that operate various networks. Our products provide functionalities for network inventory, planning and design of network upgrades, operational support and outage management.

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Smallworld Core

GE innovative network software solutions are primarily based on Smallworld™ Core Spatial Technology. This revolutionary, object-oriented, database-driven product provides a powerful, consistent architecture at the heart of many applications, such as those used for planning electric, gas and water distribution systems, designing telecommunications networks and evaluating strategic market opportunities. The software integrates with other products that require spatial information, including systems for customer relationship management, market analysis, network and work management.


Why to implement Smallworld GIS?

  • Market proven portfolio of products that support the full life-cycle for network assets from strategic planning, design and build to operations support
  • Over 1000 enterprise customers selected Smallworld as their GIS platform
  • Architecture is built with open technology standards and supports scaling to the largest customers’ needs
  • Deployment options using industry leading technology platform solutions

How can Globema support your Smallworld system?

Globema is one of the leading Smallworld Value-Added-Resellers worldwide, with the second-largest team of Certified Smallworld Professionals. We provide the full scope of professional Smallworld services.


How can we improve your business?

Business Process Modules

Smallworld Core provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that support the critical processes within the plan, design, build, operate and maintain lifecycle of network asset intensive industries.

Strategic Planning

Spatial information helps planners understand where new networks should be targeted, where additional investment is required to meet forecasted demand for capacity, and where business justification for investments in network upgrades is needed. Smallworld GeoSpatial Analysis allows users to access customer and market demographic data, network infrastructure footprint, service areas and finance data to create possible strategies for proposed network investment plans.

Network Planning

At district level, planners need to understand the detail of the underground and overhead network assets and their relationship with new construction, other operated networks and public works to plan maintenance and network extensions. Smallworld Core Spatial Technology can model and represent the network in different spatial views, representing geographic, underground networks and assets within buildings, together with annotations of the existing and planned network in a single environment.

Network Design

Spatial information from a number of sources needs to be combined with the current network in a design environment where designers can lay out a number of solutions to a new service or maintenance work request. Smallworld Design Manager provides a geospatial-based design environment to manage the proposed network changes. Cost information for the proposed network changes can be used as part of the design approval within the spatial environment and this information shared with Enterprise Asset Management systems using Smallworld Business Integrator

Network Build

To support construction crews building a network, accurate engineering maps of the planned assets need to be provided as part of the job packs issued to work crews. Post construction, as-built information returned to the organization needs to be stored to accurately document the network as it has been constructed. Smallworld Core Spatial Technology’s quality management tools combined with manual or electronic updates submitted to the network inventory facilitate an up-to-date and consistent source of network data.

Network Service

To support the go live switching of the network build, the planned view of the network model needs to be passed to other operational systems as a connected network model with geographic and schematic views. Additionally, some self-service applications need to be delivered from the enterprise through the Internet to contractors and customers as web applications.

All Smallworld Solutions

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Data Center Manager for Physical Network Inventory

Physical Network Inventory

GE Smallworld PNI

Logical Network Inventory

GE Smallworld LNI

Optical Network Atlas for PNI

Physical Route Manager for PNI

Management of Physical Routes in Transmission Networks

Optical Path Scheme for PNI

Scheme Generation for Optical Network

Radio Network Inventory for PNI

Inventory of radio towers and wireless equipment

Cable TV Design for Smallworld PNI

Support for Coaxial and Optical Network Design

Service Inventory for PNI & LNI

B2B services in Logical Network Inventory

Data Quality Tool for Smallworld GIS

Data Verifier and Error Data Handler

Network Inventory Maintenance Support

Automated Reporting


Support and Simplify Network Data Import

DH.GIS – Heat Network Management

Smallworld Gas Distribution Office

Smallworld Global Transmission Office

Network Management

Smallworld Electric Office

Electric Utility Asset Management Lifecycle