Reliable Network Inventory

Foundation for successful implementation of operational processes in the telecommunication company

The effective roll-out of telecommunication services requires instant and reliable information about existing or planned network provided by Network Inventory System. Recurring delays or inaccuracies during service fulfillment processes may cause significant losses to the operator’s corporate image and budget.

  • Does your company lack the information to make informed decisions about where the new network capacity is required or how best to deploy that capacity?

  • Are you looking for improvements in the service feasibility check process?

  • Are you looking for a more effective way to plan and design network & services?

  • Do you struggle with capturing as-built network data into Network Inventory?

  • Does your service provisioning process require instant and reliable support from Network Inventory?

  • At any time, do you know what would be the business impact of network resource outage?

End-to-end Network Inventory solutions

Globema offers the solution built on the GE Smallworld Network Inventory System – a highest class, highly scalable component of modern OSS.

GE Smallworld Network Inventory based solution provides a single view on both inside plant and outside plant telecom resources. It manages physical and logical assets in fixed and wireless, core and distribution networks. It supports IT infrastructure and data center management. Finally, acts as a resource catalog for multi-vendor and multi-technology operations. NI provides up-to-date information about network assets which is crucial for efficient execution of the key business processes of the telecommunication provider.

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Strategic planning Network planning Network design Network build Service
Strategic planning Network planning Network design Network build Service

Discover GE Smallworld Network Inventory environment

Main components

GE Physical Network Inventory

Core solution platform for a telecommunication operator. Provides data model and all tools for storing and managing a network. Based on highly scalable and efficient Smallworld Core spatial database working in short and long transactions. Implemented in more than 150 telecoms around the world.

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GE Logical Network Inventory

Tightly integrated with PNI, adds a capability to store logical information on top of physical resources. Provides a single view of multi-vendor, multi-technology logical data across all areas of operation.

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Standard PNI add-ons developed by Globema

Physical Route Manager

introduces a data model and tools for managing physical paths in optical networks, brings enhanced modeling of optical devices into PNI

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Optical Network Atlas

introduces fiber-level schematics for splices and locations (also available in Network Inventory Gateway)

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Cable TV Design

enhances data modeling of coaxial networks and introduces FWD and RV signal level calculations

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Radio Network Inventory

allows modeling of RAN networks

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Data Center Manager

enhances inside plant management, introduces 3D modeling and data center power management

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LNI Connector

auto-discover and reconciliation tool for Logical Network Inventory

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Network Inventory Maintenance Support

Web client which allows from-the field data reporting straight to PNI

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Service Inventory

set of LNI tools that enable backbone service design and management

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Why it’s worth it?

Customer case studies from all over the world show that Smallworld Network Inventory implementation can bring:


up to 30% reduction in planning time through accurate integrated physical and logical inventory


up to 8% reduction in new build costs due to better utilization of network resources


up to 40% productivity improvements in network design through process automation


up to 25% reduction in network downtime through rapid response to network alarms to locate faulty equipment accurately


up to 15% workforce productivity improvements through streamlined as-built update processes


up to 50% savings in provisioning time through automating processes for physical path assignment

Smallworld 5

Architected for the future with continued adoption of the latest technology standards that simplify system integration through open technologies; faster, smarter decisions through modern web and mobile technologies; and increased productivity through focus on a modern user experience.

Use Globema expertise

Our NI solutions are built around the GE Smallworld Network Inventory System.

Globema acts as the Authorized Partner and the Value Added Reseller of GE Energy Smallworld GIS software in several European countries. GE also acts as Globema worldwide reseller of Globema’s telecommunication modules (PRM, ONA, RNI, DCM, CATV Design). The cooperation covers Smallworld software development & implementation as well as consulting & maintenance services. Since 1997, Globema has conducted hundreds of smaller and larger software delivery, development, and implementation projects for customers from over 30 countries.

Find out how we built end-to-end telco services infrastructure management solution for Exatel:


GE is the world market leader of industrial challenges.

GE’s software manages 40% of global electricity. It is designed to help utilities and telecommunication companies to better operate, analyze and optimize their operations. GE Smallworld Network Inventory platform is used by over 160 service providers (energy, heating, gas & oil, telecommunications) across 40 countries worldwide.

Learn how Zayo Group have harnessed Smallworld to realize the benefits of digitization:

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