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Smart Forms – efficient fieldwork reporting suited to your business needs

By February 22, 2022Artificial Intelligence, Mobile

Does your organization struggle to report daily fieldwork activities effectively? Is your current process tedious, time-consuming, and prone to data-related errors? Smart Forms is a solution to help improve this process. 

Smart Forms developed by Globema were created to support fieldwork employees in solving the key problem in their everyday work: how can collecting data in the field (e.g. about the network) be more efficient and leverage its maximum potential? The Smart Forms platform allows you to use prebuilt elements to create a form tailored to a specific fieldwork task. Smart Forms can be used in any industry or business type.

To perform fieldwork, all you need is:

A smartphone with internet access

The Smart Forms app

Smart Forms use artificial intelligence algorithms and feature:

  • Voice data collection
  • Image data recognition
  • Barcode reading and distance measurements
  • Automated scheme creation

With all this, you can collect data about things such as field objects while conveniently dictating information or taking photos.The app recognizes data and enters it into the right form fields. All you need to do is to confirm the data accuracy, which can also be done using your voice.

Data doesn’t need to be written manually, helping to avoid errors that often appear during data entry (typos, incorrect data formats, mixed-up fields, etc.)

It’s particularly convenient during severe weather conditions when it’s hard to type or write with numb fingers and the frozen screen doesn’t react to touch.

The conditions don’t support collecting data using speech? Our app features regular typing as well.

Smart Forms means faster, easier, and more accurate fieldwork reporting which results in improved data quality about the network and other critical business assets. 

Smart Forms form part of GlobIQ’s platform for building and maintaining a digital network asset model.

See how Smart Forms can help you grow your business

If you’re wondering whether Smart Forms can support operations at your organization, contact us! We’ll try to find the solution best suited to your needs.