Professional Trainings

Globema provides professional trainings in the scope of all delivered solutions. Among other technologies, we deliver training courses for system users, administrators and programmers in Google Cloud, Google Maps, FME,  Smallworld, Oracle and PowerOn Fusion technologies.

Smallworld trainings

Globema is a Smallworld Authorized Training Center™. We provide a variety of Smallworld–related courses worldwide. Sessions can be arranged on demand both in our training facility and at a customer site. The standard Smallworld training courses are based on the functionality of the standard products: Smallworld Core Spatial Technology, Smallworld Internet Application Server (SIAS), etc. We also provide courses on Physical Network Inventory, Logical Network Inventory and other industry-specific Smallworld Office Suite applications. Courses are based around the example applications and demonstration databases provided with these products, often with the addition of customer-specific functionalities.

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FME Trainings

Globema holds the FME Certified Trainer Certificate. This confirms the company’s expertise and specialization in conversion and migration of spatial data, also beyond the Smallworld environment.

Globema’s team highest skills in the implementation and use of FME software guarantee professional and effective trainings. Our FME experts have in-depth knowledge about the product and proven experience in managing various spatial data types

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Globema Experience in software trainings

Since 1997 Globema delivered several Smallworld, FME, Google Maps and other professional trainings for over a thousand of end users. We conducted training courses in English and other languages in several European countries, United States and in Indonesia. Contact us for references