Data Capture and Migration

Data migration is a key process to consider when adopting any new system. Current information about network resources is crucial for making smart investment decisions and ensuring efficient delivery and maintenance of services. Indeed network data is one of the most important assets of transmission and distribution companies.

Data capture into
Network Inventory System

Data capture project is complex due to a large amount of data, distributed data sources (paper and electronic documents) and often low quality and reliability of available documentation resulting in the need to gather records in the field.
Globema has an experienced team, who has been organizing and managing data acquisition and migration projects. Our solutions for data migration automate and streamline data migration processes with a combination of technology, methodology, and services. We work with a proven data migration methodology based on best practices, as well as end-to-end data migration services offerings.

Delivery and loading of maps, implementation
of appropriate coordinate systems

We advise on the selection of appropriate cartographic resources. We support the client in the negotiation phase and purchase of appropriate maps.
We define the proper country coordinate systems in the Smallworld environment. We have ready solutions for the Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Romanian and Hungarian markets. We define local systems on the basis of the documentation centers of Geodesy and Cartography. We guarantee a correct transformation mapping between coordinate systems.

Automatic and manual data migration

We carry out data migration from any available structural electronic record into Smallworld or another database. We are using Safe Software’s FME, and also have developed several complete GIS data loaders.
We also perform or supervise the manual input of geometric (vectorization) and alphanumeric data from maps, diagrams, and other paper sources. We use quality control procedures and acceptance tests for input projects. We support and implement the process of field data collection using mobile applications. We develop a procedure for field data collection and train field workers.


We have completed over 100 smaller and larger data migration projects for customers from the telecom and utility sector. Our experience is based on migrating over 10,000 paper documentation and digital sources into over 10 million objects and 100 million attributes.