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Unrivaled productivity, accelerated project delivery, and expanded data connectivity. See what’s new in FME 2023.1

By September 21, 2023December 20th, 2023FME
New release of FME

The latest release of FME by Safe Software expands on the idea of simplifying complex tasks and enhancing productivity across departments. FME 2023.1 brings exciting updates to accelerate your data integration workflows and streamline project delivery while ensuring data security.

Read on to discover how these changes can benefit your work.

Gain Unrivalled Productivity

AI Assist for Workspace Authoring 

Benefit: Speed up workspace authoring and unlock insights.

FME 2023.1 introduces AI Assist, a powerful tool that accelerates regex, SQL, and Python generation. This will allow you to gain a better understanding of results with descriptive explanations as well as easily generate regex, SQL queries, and enhance Python scripts.

Gain insight into your Python code by integrating comments into your script

Visual Enhancements to Workspace Comparison

Benefit: Boost team productivity and collaboration.

Building on the functionality introduced in FME 2023.0, FME 2023.1 enhances workspace collaboration. Now you can highlight changes in the Navigator, sync scroll bars, compare runtime orders, and view dialogue windows side-by-side.

Compare workspaces visually

Accelerate Project Delivery

For enterprise IT and data teams, time-to-value is crucial. With the latest enhancements, FME you can easily migrate between development pipelines, enabling your team to accelerate project delivery without missing out on quality.

More Confident Workflow Migration

Benefit: Streamline project management thanks to greater visibility.

The latest edition of FME ensures smoother project imports and exports. It allows users to preview projects before importing them, select specific connections and parameters, and include all dependencies.

Improved Workflow Deployment

Benefit: Eliminate errors and increase efficiency.

With the latest version of the Platform, you can create and override Deployment Parameters in Workbench for efficient FME solution transfers. Easily migrate parameters to FME Flow, create local overrides, and synchronize changes instantly. All of this will allow you to reduce deployment-related errors and testing time.

Implement Distributed Processing Easier

Benefit: Save time and money on data integration.

FME 2023.1 builds on Remote Engine Services introduced in FME 2023.0, which enabled admins to deploy secure, distributed, hybrid, and multi-cloud data integration workflows (read more about Remote Engine Services in the article: Safe Software introduces the FME Platform 2023.0. ( With this release, admins no longer have to manage multiple licenses for a single FME Flow deployment. They can license the primary engine once and deploy it anywhere, simplifying management and reducing licensing complexities.

Expand Your Data Connectivity

Benefit: Unleash the power of your data with 1000+ data connections.

In FME 2023.1, Safe Software added new data types and packages for effective cloud-native data workflows. Now you can effectively manage, optimize, and scale with:

  • GeoParquet Reader/Writer
  • Cloud Optimized Point Cloud (COPC) Reader
  • Zarr Reader/Writer
  • STAC (SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog) Metadata Reader (FME Hub)

You will also experience greater compatibility thanks to the enhancements to:

  • Esri Geodatabase Reader/Writer:
  • Bentley MicroStation Design Reader/Writer
  • EsriReprojector Transformer
  • HTTPCaller Transformer

Import and auto-fill parameters from Open AI specifications

Coming Soon – ‘Verified’ Publishing Tier on FME Hub

Benefit: Trust and confidence in your FME content.

Safe Software is introducing a ‘Verified’ publishing tier on FME Hub, ensuring secure and production-quality solutions from trusted sources.

Contact us to find out more

For a full list of updates, see the FME 2023.x Release Content. Contact us to learn how FME can transform your data integration processes.