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Report power line repairs in a more efficient and convenient way – NIMS Outages

By January 20, 2023May 26th, 2023Energy, Mobile

Every day, field service technicians report changes in network infrastructure. Specialized applications, such as NIMS Outages, facilitate and accelerate this task.

After technicians handle power cable outages, they are required to submit a report about the repairs, defining changes they have made in the network. They also need to prepare a schema that helps precisely locate the broken element.

Such reports are usually prepared by hand on a piece of paper. However, this is related to many inconveniences:

  • collected data may be inaccurate or incomplete
  • writing reports and drawing schemas by hand when out in the field is inconvenient
  • after a technician completes work, it takes a long time for the changes to be reflected on a network model. The team maintaining network resources can only include changes in a network model once they receive the technician’s report

Up-to-date network information is crucial for the operations of both the network itself and the entire company. This can be ensured by a tool that significantly improves data collection.

Our mobile app, NIMS Outages, allows technicians to create required reports related to power cable repairs straight from their smartphone or tablet. Such reports include all necessary schemas, and collected information can be immediately shared with a data maintenance team.

The app is controlled by voice and touch, which significantly simplifies and accelerates the technician’s work. Data is collected through the app in a standardized way, which improves their quality.

Curious how NIMS Outages works? Watch a short video!