Reliable fleet monitoring with Google Maps Platform – QADRA Plus case study

By June 20, 2022Case study, Google

See how Google Maps Platform helped our client from Slovakia – QADRA Plus – to create their flagship solution, a GPS system for car fleet monitoring. This allowed QADRA Plus to provide their customers with a competitive product of the highest quality.

QADRA Plus is a family business, founded in 1998 in Slovakia. From the very beginning it has been providing solutions for car fleet monitoring. Over the years, along with the emergence of new technologies, it has been developing and improving its products.

The latest fleet monitoring solution offered by QADRA Plus collects and tracks information about the vehicle route: its mileage, number of kilometers covered, location and time of breaks, etc. All this is presented in the form of a logbook, and displayed on a map. One of the key functions used by the application created by QADRA is geocoding.

In order for QADRA’s clients to take full advantage of the application’s potential, the company was looking for a suitable map service with which their system could cooperate. It was crucial that such a service would provide all the relevant information and allow for converting geographical coordinates into addresses, as well as displaying all the data on a map. All of these requirements were met by Google Maps which were provided to QADRA Plus by Globema – a Google partner.

Read the case study and find out:

  • How the use of Google Maps supported the application built by QADRA Plus
  • What solutions from Google Maps Platform portfolio did QADRA Plus use?
  • What factors influenced the choice of Google Maps?
  • How did the cooperation of QADRA Plus and Globema turn out?