Research & Development projects

R&D projects are a crucial part of our services. These projects support energy industry development as well as renewable energy production and management. In our R&D solutions, we use modern artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and implement them globally.

We received the Research and Development Center status in 2012 from the Polish Ministry of Economy. These days, the status is granted by the Ministry of Development, and we have maintained it to this day.

Our research & development projects:


Automated task assignment in highly volatile conditions

renewables forecasts


Energy management at Local Balancing Areas



GlobIQ is an innovative platform, that supports data capture of network assets from the field or paper documentation...

SORAL system


system for condition monitoring and failure risk assessment of MV cable lines


ELGrid 2020

(R)evolution in forecasting and optimizing power and distribution networks



area-based forecasting of production for renewables



Intelligent system for LV network reconfiguration

The research & development projects we complete are subsidized by the European Union (from the European Regional Development Fund) and by the Polish National Center for Research and Development.

Let’s innovate together

We will be glad to start partnerships with companies and institutions also working on research & development projects. We will consider working on any project including projects subsidized by the European Union or by the Horizon 2020 program funds.

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