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Practical applications of Augmented Reality implemented quickly with FME

By June 9, 2022November 14th, 2022Artificial Intelligence, FME

In Augmented reality we overlay the physical world – concrete and that can be observed with the naked eye – with a virtual reality (digital content). What does it have to do with FME, one of the most popular data integration platforms? Let’s find out!

Augmented reality combined with 3D technology has found applications in the field of IT and business, education, medicine, aviation, tourism, utilities, navigation, architecture, art, etc. Its possible applications are limited only by imagination.

One of our guests of the FME World Tour 2022 organized by Globema Romania was Dmitri Bagh (Scenario Creation Artist at Safe Software) who showed how augmented reality can be used to explore outdoor infrastructure with the help of FME – a data integration platform.

In the video below you will find the recording of Dimitri Bagh’s presentation, in which he demonstrates the ability of AR to bring new elements to the physical reality in which we live.

If you want to learn more about the Platform and how it can optimize your business processes by data integration and automating processes, visit our website and get a free trial version of FME: