• Is the data on your assets in the field always up-to-date data?

  • Do your field employees report their work in a format that can be easily transferred to other systems?

  • Is the data collected complete and of high quality?

  • Are you able to perform analyses and reports, based on the data you collect, problem free?

If your answer to any of these questions was “No”, we have just what you need – Smart Forms – a solution that brings fieldwork reporting to a new level, making it easy and effective.

With the Smart Forms application, you can easily and quickly acquire specialized data and location information with your mobile device. You can simply dictate it or use photos taken with your phone or tablet.

Smart Forms process voice information and images and extract relevant data thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) algorithms.

How do Smart Forms work?

With the help of the Smart Forms platform, in cooperation with your IT team, we will build a form especially tailored to your business needs. To do this, we will use ready-made elements and integrate the custom Form with the systems already operating in your company.

Smart Forms enable:

Collecting data using your voice

You can dictate data, which will be matched to adequate fields in the form: text, numeric, data, single or multiple-choice lists.

Reading barcodes

The application will recognize the barcode, read it, and enter it into the right field – all you have to do is point your phone camera at the barcode.

Recognizing objects in images automatically

The app will recognize the device from the photo and suggest available models. Just confirm your choice with a click or by speaking.

Measuring distance and generating sketches automatically

The application measures the distance to the selected object and automatically converts the measurements into sketches.

Data entry will be swift and easy – you can dictate it any way you want

  • individually or providing many pieces of data in one sentence
  • in the order it appears in the form or in any given order, preceding the value with the name of the field
  • using synonyms of category names of the data entered
  • providing units or leaving them out
  • dictating many values one after another, on multiple choice lists

The current conditions are inconvenient for voice input?
You can enter data manually – using the keyboard. The reported data is available to use in the entire company right away

Solutions built based on Smart Forms

Smart Forms are flexible, and can be used for many purposes and in different solutions:

Voice inspection

An application for reporting the inspection of network facilities and devices

NIMS Outages

An application for reporting repairs of failures

LV Topology

An application used to efficiently acquire and keep up to date LV network data

Smart Forms are compatible with the GeoGrid application – a part of the GlobIQ platform, as well as with Field Service Management tools such as GeoTask. They can also be easily connected to your currently used systems.

What are the benefits of using Smart Forms?

Using Smart Forms gives you access to the most up to date information, thanks to swift fieldwork reporting. This in turn translates into more efficient business processes. At the same time, you gain higher reporting efficiency thanks to:

ease of use of the application

automation of data acquisition from images

voice narration

eliminating paper from the field work

network digital twin

Smart Forms are a part of GlobIQ – a platform for building and maintaining a digital network asset model.

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How Smart Forms can improve your business and make fieldwork reporting more efficient?