Smallworld GTO (Global Transmission Office)

Today’s gas pipeline transmission companies are demanding smarter and more complete geospatial solutions to efficiently manage their networks, reduce costs, improve customer service, and fulfill increasing compliance requirements. The Smallworld Global Transmission Office solution provides transmission companies with the first suite of integrated applications that are fundamental to the geospatial management of a full pipeline transmission network. GTO is designed to provide gas, oil and liquids applications with a comprehensive data model designed to meet the needs of pipeline customers and the demands placed on them by regulatory agencies.


  • Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) to a minimum through minimized administration and providing a standard and smooth upgrade path
  • Increases operational efficiency through industry-tailored applications
  • The standard pipeline specific data model can reduce time to “go-live” by shortening the database design phase up to 80%
  • Provides applications for Integrity Management and Compliance Reporting
  • Is one of a series of applications that are components of the new Smallworld Utility Office Suite product line with clear and future-oriented roadmap

Smallworld GTO extensions by Globema

Spatial Analysis

Helps to perform specific spatial analysis on data stored in a database

Notification Server

The module adds functionality of sending e-mail notifications to specified users

Reports and Charts

Specialized reports and charts have been added in some functional areas of GTO

Time Series Charts

In cases when the charts available in the standard application are not sufficient, the user can use a special wizard to create a chart of a selected value against time

Inline Data Loader

The loader can convert odometer to station using Depth of Cover objects and correctly locate each inventory object along the pipeline route.

Device Management

The module provides an easy way of moving devices (e.g. Valves, Pumps) between host locations (e.g. Line Loops, Storages, Stations) and repositories (e.g. Store, Repair, etc.).

Terrain Model History

Drawing profile of selected Line Loop part, drawing more than one terrain level line, drawing chart legend, export of all chart data to Excel.

Raster Support

Added new table to store raster data, single and bulk raster loaders with support for georeference data attached in external files (e.g. TFW, Geotiff).

External Files

Standard functionality has been enriched with possibility of attaching external files to records without geometry.


Added new table to store appurtenance data. Notifications on changes in that table can be sent by e-mail to specified users using the Notification Server.

Authorisation Event History

Logs every action on authorization database performed by system administrators (e.g. creation of users, attaching to groups, giving rights).

GPS support

When using GTO application on a mobile device (like laptop or tablet) it is possible to connect an external GPS device and use it for automatic map positioning on current location.

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