Modeling / inventory of radio towers and wireless equipment

Radio Network Inventory (RNI) is a module that extends functionality of Smallworld Physical Network Inventory (PNI) with enhanced modeling / inventory of radio towers and wireless equipment such as: antennas, Outdoor Units (ODUs) and radio terminals. RNI supports point-to-point connections as well as broadcast devices. RNI module allows Smallworld PNI users to keep data about radio equipment in PNI.

RNI functionality supports key business processes: network planning, connecting new customers to a network, outage management and network maintenance.

Main features

  • Introduces new objects in Smallworld PNI
    • Radio Tower
    • Radio Antenna
    • Radio Connection
    • Radio ODU (Outdoor Unit)
    • Radio IDU (Indoor Unit) – as RME specialization
    • RME Radio Terminal – as RME specialization
  • Supports building internals and Radio Tower internals
  • Signal coverage calculated automatically based on object attributes
  • Enables LNI integration


  • Modeling for wireless equipment within PNI – no need for external or customized solution
  • Simple data model – efficient for everyday use
  • Outage handling support


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