Point-based forecasting can be really expensive, meaning that smaller RES prosumers simply can’t afford it, and simply being left out of the forecast. The amount of potential energy wasted from all of those small and medium prosumers cumulatively can be quite substantial.

PROGO is a cost-effective solution for RES production forecasting in a specific area. The solution provides a wide range of forecasts based on time horizon: short (a few days ahead with hourly resolution) , medium- or long-term (climatic) predictions. Forecasts are made with network development (new turbines etc.) into account for its predictions as well as its impact on the entire network.

PROGO uses regional weather forecasts data in conjunction with machine learning-based predictions based on our statistical algorithm to create affordable and efficient RES production forecasts, as well as key energy flow predictions for the chosen area. It allows connection to the distribution and transmission network nodes enabling current flow analysis and optimized management of electric network traffic. This system is dedicated to two different customer groups: DSO’s and RES prosumer operators (in micro and macro scale)


  • Allowing small and medium RES prosumers taking part in production Forecasts makes it easier for Green Energy to be consumed.
  • A more affordable way of Forecasting the needs and production in RES helps to reduce the costs for producers no matter the size, making RES Energy much more competitive on the market.
  • Ability to forecast consumption and production at different time horizons and different frequency depending on the needs. This helps with network stability and safety.

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