Scheme generation

for optical network

Optical Path Scheme (OPS) is a module that extends functionality of applications based on Smallworld Physical Network Inventory with automatic generation of schemes for optical routes. Generated schemes present the optical network at fibre level. The scheme provides information about fibre numbers and optical lengths, connections inside splices and other devices, and descriptions of connected ports. The scheme can be easily printed with standard Smallworld tools.

OPS functionality supports key business processes: network planning, connecting new customers to a network, outage management and network maintenance.

Main features

  • Visualisation of optical network at fibre level
  • Graphic representation of connections between fibres inside splices
  • Fibres colouring and grouping
  • Visualisation of sheath slack


  • Fast & efficient diagrams generation based on accurate data
  • Reduction of time needed to print documents and exchange schematics via email using PDF print
  • Mobile workforce productivity improvements


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