NIMS is aimed at automating the process of reporting changes in the network and updating the network inventory directly from the field. App is compatible with all types of mobile devices (standard web-based User Interface & special UI for PDAs available). NIMS is integrated with Smallworld Physical Network Inventory and Physical Route Manager.

Support for reporting changes in the network and updating the Network Inventory System

NIMS consists of two main elements: Field Technician Application and Change Manager. Lightweight Field Technician Application is designed to be used by mobile workers. With web based or mobile (Smartphone / Tablet / PDA) version, it is used to enter descriptions of the accomplished tasks. Each report contains general information about the task, the address of the performed work and other general attributes. Change Manager, an add-on to Smallworld Inventory Application, is used by a network inventory operator to review and verify reports provided by field technicians.


  • Enhanced data quality in Network Inventory
  • Simplifies NI implementation in organization
  • Reduces cost of NI ownership
  • Increased work efficiency of field technicians and GIS operators


Physical Network Inventory

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