Secure broadband contracts and accelerate market entry with NetVersant Designer.

Our comprehensive software allows you to swiftly create technically compliant and cost-optimized designs for HFC & FTTx networks –  whether in greenfield or brownfield scenarios. With this Automated Design Optimization (ADO) solution, achieving optimal network configurations is just a click away.


Quickly generate network design scenarios, reducing timeframes from weeks to hours or minutes

Free up your network planners’ time and let them focus on decision-making critical to the project

Identify the technically superior and cost-optimal design variant effortlessly

Win contracts

Accelerate your time-to-market

NetVersant Designer. Build fiber faster

Design complex broadband Internet architecture quickly and without the headaches!

Do these challenges sound familiar?

The surge in demand for high-bandwidth networks requires substantial investments in access infrastructure by network operators.

Traditional manual design and analysis methods have been the norm, but they’re struggling to keep pace with market dynamics. This approach poses limitations that hinder operators’ efficiency and competitiveness.


Ineffective design process​es

Manual network design processes often lack the ability to compare multiple designs efficiently, making it challenging to select the most optimal solution tailored to specific conditions.

Inaccurate project valuation​

Inaccurate project valuations can lead to financial discrepancies, causing unexpected overruns and eroding stakeholder confidence. Ensuring precise cost estimations is paramount for project feasibility and management trust.

Long time-to-market & low competitiveness​

Lengthy manual design procedures impede swift proposal development, crucial for competitive bids and market relevance. This is especially true in public tenders where agility is key to success.

Shortage of qualified planners & engineers​

A shortage of experienced network planners and engineers, particularly in HFC networks, exacerbates the challenges of manual design processes.

Shortage of comprehensive design tools for HFC & FTTH networks​

The absence of standardized tools capable of addressing the planning needs of both HFC and FTTH networks presents a significant gap in the market. The integration of planning for these networks into a single comprehensive tool remains unsupported by most available solutions.

Discover NetVersant Designer

create optimal real-world network designs automatically

Introducing Globema’s Automated Design & Optimization software (ADO). It allows network operators to effortlessly generate optimal real-world network designs, complete with precise labor and material cost calculations.

The software empowers users to create alternative versions based on different assumptions and configurations. It significantly accelerates network design timelines from several weeks to just a few hours or minutes.

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  • Automatically generate multiple detailed real-world HFC & FTTx network designs with ease.
  • Obtain instant cost estimates for job planning, facilitating efficient material ordering.
  • Analyze various network design architectures based on diverse assumptions and configurations to fine-tune and optimize investments.
  • Create network designs tailored for diverse environments: dense urban, medium-density suburban, and low-density rural settings. This applies to both greenfield and brownfield scenarios. Address unique design considerations in each context.
  • Support network engineers and senior management in decision-making processes with NetVersant’s intuitive user interface. Provide transparent insights into network design progress and developments.

Who benefits from NetVersant Designer?

If you’re a professional in the telecommunications (Telco) and CATV industries, specifically involved in network design and planning, NetVersant Designer is tailored for you. If you are a:


You hold a high-level, C suite position within the organization, overseeing engineering and network planning strategies,

Network Designer/Planner

You're a VP of Engineering, network designer, or planner, and an expert in network architecture, capacity planning, and optimization,

NetVersant Designer will support you both in strategizing and implementing upgrades and extensions to the current network infrastructure, as well as in establishing entirely new networks.

How does NetVersant Designer work?

  • Design rule sets are ready-made, carefully prepared templates. Users can modify them as needed for specific projects.
  • As-built designs are pulled from GIS/Eng. databases to generate design scenarios.
  • Design scenarios, Bills of Materials (BoMs), and cost estimates can be viewed via the web-based user interface.

The NetVersant automated design and optimization software delivers design scenarios that include:

Detailed bills-of-materials for all equipment and cable​s.

Breakdown of all construction activities including replacements, removals, turnarounds, and more.

Cost estimates for equipment, cables, and construction activities based on standard costing figures​.

The resulting designs are accessible through the NetVersant Designer user interface in map view.

Geographically on a scaled land-base, including satellite photo bases…

…and schematically

in a simplified display of technical details, such as signal levels, active device cascade lengths, and cable lengths, selected by the user.

…and schematically

(in a simplified view that shows user-selected technical details, such as signal levels, active device cascade lengths, and cable lengths).

Benefits of incorporating NetVersant Designer into your design process

Technically compliant, optimized designs
Receive technically compliant, cost-optimized, and standardized designs for optimal network cables and equipment placement.
Responsive management decision tool
Utilize the platform as a highly responsive decision tool, offering detailed insights into 'what if' scenarios. Run multiple design rules for large-scale network builds or upgrades in minutes and hours, not weeks and months.
Reduced design & construction costs
Leverage automated fiber design techniques to reduce design time by up to 80-85% and network construction costs by as much as 5%.
Maximized work efficiency of network planners & engineers
With automatically generated design scenarios, network planners can focus on developing and refining the project based on optimal scenarios, maximizing efficiency.
Enhanced Network Inventory Solution capabilities
Seamlessly integrate NetVersant Designer with network inventory solutions to enhance the value of existing investments.
Improved cooperation with external stakeholders
Easily provide necessary information to investors, franchise authorities, and vendors, enhancing cooperation and streamlining the network design and construction process.
Faster response to RFPs and shorter time-to-market
Automate the preparation of network design scenarios with accurate cost estimates, enabling faster contract securing and accelerating the overall network design and construction process.
Swift response to customer needs
Deploy network upgrades swiftly to maximize return on investment and ensure customer satisfaction through automated network design.
Improved organization-wide collaboration
Easily export and share network design information and BoMs within the organization, fostering collaboration across senior management, regional planners, financial and procurement departments, and external vendors, streamlining the investment process.

We’re trusted by

What our customers say

"ADO technology [automated design and optimization] – specifically, the data within the preliminary designs and cost estimates it produces so rapidly – has conferred benefits on practically every group within Mediacom involved in the funding, design, construction, and operation of the access network.

The increase in confidence gained by having easy access to preliminary designs and cost estimates for multiple network architectures has allowed Mediacom to execute its access network upgrade strategy significantly more efficiently and effectively."


“NetVersant's proficiency in creating and incorporating cable network designs is a big contributor to the success of the HFC modernization initiatives at Rogers, ensuring fast, compliant, and reliable designs.”

Steven Rozon, Network Inventory Manager, Rogers Communications

Why partner with Globema?

  • 25+ years of experience in designing, building, and maintaining broadband networks.
  • Deep domain knowledge and expertise in network inventory solutions.
  • We are committed to continuously developing, enhancing, and expanding our solutions in alignment with our customers’ needs and feedback.
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Experience significant savings in both cost and time for network planning, design, and implementation.

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