MGrid – System for microgrid energy support

Globema has recently been awarded a grant with partial funding by the EU to develop the MGrid system – an innovative solution for design and monitoring of microgrid energy networks. The project will be carried out under the “Innovative Economy” program, co-funded by the European Union. The total value of the project, including the company’s own meaningful investment, exceeds 1 mln Euro. The aim of the research project (industrial research and development) is to acquire knowledge and develop a number of methods, which will then be implemented in the MGrid system during the development phase. The MGrid project will be carried out for 2 years, starting January 2013 in the Software Development Center – Globema’s R&D unit. The research phase includes cooperation with the Department of Power Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Main Features:

MGrid will be based upon the latest technologies, including GIS systems.

  • Support for the design and management of microgrid networks through the use of forecasting, analysis, simulation and optimization tools.
  • Optimal steering of microgrid networks in accordance with the assumed target and basing on the fixed consumption and production of electricity.
  • Meeting the requirements for participation in the modern energy market.
Globema’s R&D activities are co-financed by the European Union and the National Center for Research and Development.

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