Logical Network Inventory is a network modeling tool that enables you to document, plan and manage telecommunications networks. It provides you with the tools to model the infrastructure of your network and to effectively manage the bandwidth within it.

Network modeling

Logical Network Inventory provides tools to configure, capture and manage the complex elements that govern the real life behavior and capabilities of your network. This includes the logical infrastructure of the network and also the rules that control the operation of the network – both from a technical and business perspective.


  • The ability to define the network structures, including locations, network elements and providers including facilities, rings and subnetworks.
  • Recording of the logical services riding on the underlying structures.
  • Configuration and capability rules to support network operations.
  • Circuit routing rules for achieving service level requirements.
  • A flexible channel hierarchy, supporting both synchronous and asynchronous technologies.
  • Life cycle management for operational state transitions and validation.
  • Ability to define and implement complex protection and diversity schemes

Planing & design

Logical Network Inventory provides you with the functionality to support the complete end-to-end process of planning and designing services. Consequently it enables you to produce more effective and accurate designs and speeds up your response time to requests. Logical Network Inventory provides a wide range of functionality that is targeted at delivering benefit to both the experienced network planner and the less experienced circuit router.


  • The Microsoft® Windows®-based interface provides a high degree of support for the common workflows performed by users. This process driven approach uses an innovative graphical approach to circuit routing and wizards to automate complex tasks.
  • View the physical route of circuits though the cable network by linking through to data held in Physical Network Inventory.
  • Automatically generate schematic views of the logical network, helping you to visualize the circuit layout across the network.
  • Faulty physical equipment can be located and interrogated to display the affected services and customers – leading to improved service assurance and reduced network outage.
  • Generate reports such as circuit path reports and output auto-generated schematics.
  • Use jobs to manage the changes made to fulfill a particular order and generate reports detailing these changes.


  • Secure efficient network
  • Up to 20% reduction in new build costs due to better utilization of network resources
  • Up to 50% savings in provisioning time through automating previously manual processes for physical path assignment
  • Up to 30% reduction in planning time through accurate integrated physical and logical inventory
  • Up to 40% productivity improvements in network design through process automation
  • Up to 15% workforce productivity improvements through streamlined as-built update processes


Logical Network Inventory

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