iSKOL is a comprehensive system for monitoring high voltage overhead lines in order to prevent outages and optimize loads.

The iSKOL system is intended for electricity distribution companies which deal with high voltage overhead networks. The main goal of the system is to inform about potentially dangerous situations on the network and help improve real-time power flow management.

Main features:

  • Monitoring and visualization of HV line sag
  • Controlling of mechanical and electrical parameters and temperature of HV conductor
  • Delivering information about current weather conditions
  • Historical data processing
  • Network load optimization

In recent years, it has been noticeable that catastrophic weather conditions have appeared more frequently
than ever before. Weather conditions, which cause icing of conductors, arise and last for a long period of time in winter. High temperature and rising power demand for air conditioning are the reasons behind dangerous network overloads in summer time. In this situation, electricity distribution companies should put more effort into reliability of power delivery and security of big cities.

Globema’s R&D activities are co-financed by the European Union and the National Center for Research and Development.

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