If you hire field workers, you constantly face challenges like effectively managing many employees and commissioned tasks. GeoTaskPlanner is a cloud service that automatically assigns tasks to your employees. It handles optimal routing as well as criteria specific to your business, such as the skills and availability of technicians or scheduled due dates. Automatic task assignment improves the planning process and task completion rate, lowers transport costs, and reduces CO2 emission.

Optimal routes

GeoTaskPlanner optimizes routes for fieldworkers using data from the OpenStreetMaps system considering traffic restrictions. There is an option for updating the estimated travel time based on Google Maps traffic data.

Scheduling task assignments

GeoTaskPlanner assigns tasks to your employees, taking into account:

  • Task location, time needed for task completion, and constraints like appointment times
  • Availability and current location of your employees
  • Skills and qualifications required to complete the task

Planning tailored to your business

It’s important to consider your specific requirements when planning task schedules. GeoTaskPlanner considers basic criteria related to tasks and employees but also additional factors, such as:

  • Opening times and availability of the delivery/task location
  • Time of the scheduled appointment with the customer
  • Vehicle cargo capacity
  • Routes spanning several days
task assignement

Cloud service

GeoTask is available in the Cloud, so:

  • You can build your own solution for fieldwork employee management based on the GeoTaskPlanner APIs
  • You can launch the service within 24h
  • You pay for the number of tasks to be dispatched by GeoTaskPlanner
  • You can avoid costs related to advanced IT infrastructure necessary to perform large, resource demanding optimizations

Proven effectiveness

GeoTaskPlanner can execute large optimizations covering several thousands of tasks. It is part of Globema’s Field Service Management applications GeoTask and GeoTraxx. GeoTaskPlanner dispatches more than 100 000 task monthly for about 1000 fieldworkers.

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GeoTaskPlanner replaces manual scheduling of tasks with automatic planning and task assignment.
This results in:

5-25% reduction in CO2 emission, driven kilometers, and travel times
30-75% reduction in time spent planning schedules
5-15% reduction in the number of vehicles

Learn how GeoTaskPlanner can improve customer service quality and task performance efficiency in your business