Most dispatchers find it time-consuming to manually plan delivery routes for the drivers and the length of the prepared journeys isn’t satisfying. You can schedule shorter routes and reach your customers on time using automatic planning based on map services. Test the GeoTask Planner Portal and see how easy it is!

Do you know…

How much money do you lose on non-optimal routes?

Whether you can quickly serve more customers?

Whether your customers are happy with delivery times?

Planning your routes in the GeoTask Planner Portal you:


Shorten your planning process by 30-75%


Shorten the driven distance by 5-25%


Reduce the number of vehicles you need by 5-15%

Besides that:

  • Your customers are happy with punctual deliveries
  • You can handle more customers by using the same resources. This way you increase your revenue with no extra costs
  • Less driven kilometers equals lower CO2 emission so you can be mindful of the environment

How do we know about these things?

We have been gaining experience in creating route-optimizing tools for 10 years now. We support large companies with Field Service Management systems that manage the work of hundreds of fieldwork employees and let them complete several thousand tasks daily. Monthly, they sum up to more than 100 thousand of tasks for over 1000 employees!

We continuously improve optimizing engine algorithms that are implemented in the GeoTask and GeoTraxx systems.

GeoTaskPlanner uses this engine and it can prepare large optimizations that involve thousands of tasks, as well as smaller optimizations for only a few fieldwork employees.

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How can you start planning your routes with the GeoTask Planner Portal?

1. Register at the Portal

fill out a short form, make an account, and log in

2. Test GeoTask Planner for 2 weeks

enter data and receive ready-made routes

3. Use automatic route planning

only pay per number of tasks entered into the system each month

GeoTask Planner Portal step by step

Loading tasks and resources

Planning routes and distributing tasks

Delivery schedule is ready

See our pricing

Using GeoTask Planner Portal you pay monthly, only for the number of tasks uploaded into the system:

1-10 000
tasks for planning

50 euro

per 1000 of tasks
10 001 – 20 000
tasks for planning

46 euro

per 1000 of tasks
20 001 – 30 000
tasks for planning

41 euro

per 1000 of tasks
30 001 – 50 000
tasks for planning

37 euro

per 1000 of tasks
50 001 – 100 000
tasks for planning

35 euro

per 1000 of tasks
100 001 – 250 000
tasks for planning

32 euro

per 1000 of tasks

Plan your delivery routes with the GeoTask Planner Portal

Planning optimal routes is a challenge, no matter what’s your industry or number of daily fieldwork tasks. Manually planning delivery routes for the drivers takes a lot of time and the length of prepared journeys is usually unsatisfying. Having accurate schedules helps your business operate flawlessly and your employees know their deadlines and destinations.

To help you deal with such a challenge, basing on our experience in the Field Service Management system we created a simple cloud service – GeoTask Planner Portal. You load an excel file with information about tasks and employees into the GeoTask Planner and it performs the rest of the work, automatically planning routes and distributing tasks among your fieldwork employees. The prepared routes are optimal in terms of the order of stops in a way that allows your field workforce to visit every customer in the shortest possible time.

GeoTask Planner is based on our long-term experience in implementing applications using maps in partnership with Google. You can use route optimization and task distribution not only in the GeoTask Planner Portal but also through an API request in the cloud or the GeoTraxx application. You can start using the service within 24 hours. Register and test possibilities offered by the GeoTask Planner!

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