ESRS – intelligent system for reconfiguration of LV network with a supporting system for field technicians

Two of the most important challenges that Distribution System Operators struggle to solve are limiting energy losses on LV networks, and improving SAIDI and SAIFI rankings of the said networks. ESRS aims to develop a complex solution for them both. It will enable connecting existing elements of the infrastructure to the Network Optimization Module that will perform dynamic reconfiguration of the LV networks.

The project will be realized by the consortium of PGE Dystrybucja, Apator-Elkomtech, and Globema.

Development tools

Within the framework of the project, switches and protection devices will be made, together with an IT module for dynamic optimization of the network. The switches and protection devices will be connected to a calculation module by telemechanic devices. Radio communication offered by M2M telecommunications operators will be used as a communication medium enabling a two-way exchange of information between the system and devices in the depth of the network. Moreover, a new device will be developed to monitor the operation of cable connectors, which are not equipped to the telemechanic devices. Communication with the device will be carried out using built-in communication modules based on the LoRa standard. Information from the devices will be transferred to the SCADA system.

Benefits for DSOs

  •  Optimized Smart Grid which will lower energy losses and thus improving cost efficiency.
  • fewer instances of peak load overloading, due to the optimized grid structure. Resulting in fewer failures and better SAIDI and SAIFI rankings.
  • Automatic isolation of the grid areas that have experienced failure, reducing the impact of the incident.
  •  Improved maintenance time and quality, thanks to the dedicated field technician app, that will help to indicate a location of the accident precisely.


iMDC – Mobile Data Collector

iMDC – Mobile Data Collector

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DH.GIS Calculations

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