Support for forecasts, power and distribution networks optimization

ELGrid 2020 is the second phase of the ELGrid project. ELGrid is a decision support system optimizing electric power network operation and investment planning. The solution also forecasts electricity demand and energy production from renewable energy sources. In addition to that, it helps to optimize strategies for energy storage.

Diagnostics methods

ELGrid system allows decreasing time needed to collect data on network resources and provides means to decrease distribution loss by 9-10% in the MV and LV parts of distribution networks.
With the feedback data collected from the users of the previous version, the forecasting capabilities can be further increased, while focusing highly on user experience and user interface.

What’s new in ELGrid 2020?

  • Reconstruction of architecture (scalable, PostGIS, service model in the cloud)
  • New user-friendly GUI (GeoPlatform)
  • Data verification tools
  • New calculation modules
  • Macrolanguage
  • Improvement of efficiency and responsiveness