EL.GIS – Network Assets Management for Energy

EL.GIS system, developed by Globema and based on the GE Smallworld platform, supports key business processes of DNOs’ (Distribution Network Operators) & DSOs (Distribution System Operators), such as planning and accomplishing new grid investments, re-developing, planning and maintaining operations, as well as managing outages and unexpected situations. EL.GIS also helps optimizing network maintenance costs and increases general network efficiency.

Supports business processes

 Network documentation

 Outage management

Service provisioning

 Investment planning

Network maintenance

 Network control support

 Technical calculations

 WWW data access



  • Based on the market-leading GE Smallworld GIS platform.
  • Module structure: suitable for diverse needs, agile implementation.
  • API with many integration options (incl. SCADA and ERP systems).
  • Support for European energy network models.
  • Whole and complete LV, MV & HV network modeling.
  • Ready for Smart Grid software implementation.

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