Data verifier and error data handler for Smallworld platform

Data Quality Tool (DQT) is an add-on for Smallworld GIS. It enables users to verify the coherence and integrity of network and landbase data. DQT is used for testing, finding errors and listing them for future corrections. DQT enables users to easily create their own test cases, save test results (lists of errors) in a database or external file and load them back at any given moment. DQT contains a built-in Smallworld Physical Network Inventory test module and over 50 predefined PNI test scenarios.

Main features

  • Add-on for Smallworld Network Inventory
  • Built-in Physical Network Inventory module with predefined set of tests for PNI
  • Intuitive user interface for inspecting data issues
  • Assigning errors to users and storing information on fixed errors
  • Fast errors and problems filtering, one-click saving and loading of customized sets of data tests
  • Simple interface & API to develop specific, user-defined test scenarios
  • Uses authorized rights to restrict access only for configured group of users


  • Comprehensive and customizable data quality assurance tool for Smallworld Network Inventory
  • OPEX savings by improvement of data integrity
  • Efficient support for data capture and data maintenance processes
  • Ability to create company-specific test cases adjusted to various data models
  • Automated location of errors and providing error information
  • Flexible tool for issue reporting and data inspection


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