Support for coaxial and

optical network design

The CaTV Design module simplifies the HFC network design process employed by cable television operators. Globema’s solution allows for complete HFC design preparation within the Smallworld environment. The CaTV Design module user is presented with RF signal strength, distortion and noise levels as well as powering status at any point of the network. Additional tools like automatic amplifier configuration (pad insertion), finding of unpowered active equipment and shortcuts in powering the network significantly speed up network verification.

Main features

  • RF signal parameters calculations for FWD and REV channel
  • RF Multitap support with automatic customer cable assignment
  • RF equipment powering calculations
  • Network structure verification
  • Lambda signal strength and tracing
  • Automated amplifier pads insertion


  • Graphical design – network visible on Smallworld map immediately
  • Automated HFC network calculations speed up the design process
  • Design within PNI – no need for an external solution and designs loading and migration


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