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Once again Globema extends the R&D Center status!

By June 1, 2022November 14th, 2022R & D

For the 10th time already, we have obtained the prestigious status of Research & Development Center, granted annually by the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology. This year, just over 60 Polish companies can boast this title.

The R&D Center status is awarded to companies that invest in their research activity and derive profits from this type of investment. R&D companies provide technical and scientific support for specific industries and specializations, such as the energy sector or IT and engineering sector.

Projects of this nature developed by Globema are co-financed by the European Union:

  • GlobIQ – building a digital asset model for telecommunications and other companies working with networks
  • PROGO – under this project, the 4RES solution for creating area forecasts of energy production from renewable sources was developed
  • ESRS – intelligent reconfiguration of low voltage networks
  • SORAL – monitoring of the technical condition of cable lines
  • ElGridenergy grid optimization
  • OPTYMALIZATOR/ OPTIMIZER – an AI/ML based system for automatic assignment of tasks to people working in the field, under conditions of high variability of factors and geographical dispersion of task execution localizations. One of the factors taken into account in the calculations is the carbon footprint.
  • LOBSTER – a system supporting energy management in Local Balancing Areas.

Globema also develops its own projects, which were created without additional funding:

  • GeoTaska fieldwork management application for: route mapping, task assignment, and performance monitoring
  • GeoPlatform – a platform enabling a fast assembly of geospatial applications from ready-made components, adapted to individual requirements of a given industry or company
  • GeoGrida GIS application that can be adapted to the needs of many industries through a dedicated data model
  • DH.GIS – a GE Smallworld based tool improving the management of district heating resources
  • iDoc – a solution using AI algorithms to read and categorize data from scanned technical documentation
  • iMDC – a solution based on Smart Forms, for the efficient input of information in the field, using voice, image and other techniques
  • A range of solutions for the telecommunications sector

Along with Globema, around 60 other Polish companies have joined the group of official R&D establishments. The full list of companies with the status of R&D centers is available on the website of the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology.

Globema was first granted the R&D Center status in 2012 and since then it has been renewed annually.
As a Research and Development Center we cooperate with leading technical universities and scientific institutions in Poland, including the Warsaw University of Technology, Lodz University of Technology and Warsaw University.