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Network Inventory Maintenance Support 2.0.

By October 14, 2020October 27th, 2020Mobile, Smallworld, Telecommunications
field network data capture

Have you ever struggled with from-the-field data capture? Do you experience problems with data quality delivered by field personnel? Do you feel that keeping accurate data could be less tedious for the Physical Network Inventory (PNI) operators? All these issues can be solved by Network Inventory Maintenance Support – a mobile solution for field engineers.

NIMS is a web-application that streamlines network inventory data capture by allowing sending data update reports straight from the field directly to the Smallworld Physical Network Inventory database.

This is the usual workflow using NIMS:

  • A network designer plans new jobs to be done in the field. These may be e.g. device installations or new fibre connections. When the design is approved all those are transformed into NIMS technical operations – kind of work orders associated to specific locations in the network
  • Fieldworker when on-site can access these work orders using Network Inventory Gateway or directly in NIMS interface.
  • After the job is done he can report that network update has been done according to the design or modify any details if necessary
  • The report is delivered to Physical Network Inventory for review and can be applied to Smallworld database instantly. Some of the reports can be stored into database without PNI user review.

NIMS reports can also be created ad-hoc without previous PNI design. What’s more, Network Inventory Gateway integration allows object attributes update directly in NIG.


  • shortening the update time in PNI after field changes
  • higher data quality in PNI
  • more efficient work of the field personnel and PNI operator

How does it work?

Watch our videos to learn how to create tasks, report and accept them, and how to work with routes in NIMS:

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