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Network Inventory System for years

Learn how for the last 20 years, Smallworld has been helping Netia develop their network, manage their infrastructure, and introduce cutting-edge services.

About the project

Netia and Globema began their partnership over 20 years ago when the operator faced many challenges typical for a fast-growing telecommunications company. Due to the ineffective operations and inefficient planning, Netia struggled with high operating and investment costs. The operator searched for a network inventory system that would help them overcome their challenges and keep up with the technological and business innovations.


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Industry: Telecommunications
Country: Poland
Product / Service: Smallworld GIS
Category: Network Inventory Management

One of the largest Polish telecom operators. Provides TV services as well as mobile and stationary internet for private users, companies, and institutions. Has around 2000 employees in 70 cities around Poland.


What were Netia’s struggles before we began our partnership?

Managing and effectively using large amounts of data and vast network architecture:




active and passive
network nodes


fiber optic and copper
cable sections


underground routes
and locations


rack devices


raster maps

Access to accurate, quality data

Incomplete data about resource utilization

resulting in high investment costs

Restricted access to the infrastructure data

resulting in inaccurate planning and designing next generation networks

The constraint of using paper documents

Restricted access to the network data, disorganized data structure, risk of losing data, no option for data analysis and correlation with other information

Lack of knowledge about leased resources and their utilization

resulting in high operating costs and difficulties in identifying places for own network development

Time-consuming processes and lack of the right tools

Lack of automated service feasibility check and tedious field survey

resulted in at least 1 business day response time. With more queries, waiting time could have increased even to several days

Time-consuming preliminary cost calculation of connecting a new business customer

The whole engineering team needed to be involved because the knowledge about network assets was not centralized

Inefficient access to the right data

resulting in ineffective sale campaign planning and city-based demand analysis, not taking the local conditions into account

Laborious search for the network outage location and technical documentation collection.

The time needed for outage repair was longer and the costs were higher

Burdensome identification of services affected by an outage or planned maintenance works

resulting in many hours of additional back-office work


How we helped Netia overcome their challenges with the Smallworld system

We organized the data

  • standardized and available from any location. Elimination of the need for using paper documentation.
  • easy and instant access to the up-to-date information about the network, resource utilization, and leased fixed assets’ location.
  • all spatial data geocoded
  • data correlation from different sources enabling valuable analyses.

We automated the processes and made the tools work in a consistent way

automated processes include e.g.:

  • service feasibility check
  • preliminary cost calculations of connecting new B2B customers
  • locating network outages
  • identifying services affected by the outage
  • tools supporting service provisioning and network maintenance
  • network design mechanisms utilizing existing and planned network infrastructure

We delivered integrations with other systems

CRM system integration:

  • automated the process of service feasibility check
  • automated the service sales process
Service provisioning support

  • automated the service activation process for radio systems as well as fixed copper and fiber networks
SAP system integration

  • Providing much easier management of fixed assets
Integration with other OSS systems

  • support for investment and network deployment processes

Benefits of Smallworld implementation at Netia

Process improvement

  • instant service feasibility check
  • fast, automated preliminary cost calculations of connecting a new B2B customer
  • identifying of services affected by the outage got shortened to several minutes
  • all tasks related to checking the service availability can be completed in a few minutes

Financial benefits

  • investment cost optimization
  • decreased cost of as-built data collection/inventory
  • lowered outage repair costs
  • elimination of the need for completing a quadrennial field survey inventory of the company’s fixed assets

Service quality improvement

  • more accurate next-generation network planning and design
  • preliminary network or service design can be done based on existing and planned infrastructure
  • more effective sales campaign planning that takes the local conditions into account


Today, there’s no doubt that the modern inventory system is critical for a telecommunications operator. When Netia made the decision, we did not know how technologies and the telecommunications market would change. We did not know what challenges the inventory system would face. In my opinion, we made a good decision by choosing Smallworld, a flexible and future-proof network inventory solution.
The system still allows us to grow efficiently. Of course, it is not always an easy way. In difficult times, an experienced vendor plays an important role. In our case, it is Globema – the company we have been working with from the very beginning.
Jacek Świtalski, Project Preparation and Network Inventory Team Manager, Netia SA

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