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FME for Grupa MTP

About the project

Since 2019, Grupa MTP uses FME, the world’s most popular data integration platform. Thanks to the FME products, the company has solved its problem of integrating systems based on different databases. Considering the scope and quality of events they organize, Grupa MTP is one of the leading event industry companies in Central and Eastern Europe. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the amount and potential of data processed at the company required a professional tool.


Industry: Event management
Country: Poland
Product / Service: FME
Category: Data integration

Grupa MTP organizes trade fairs and other events. The company offers 500 thousand square meters of exhibition halls. Grupa MTP organizes congresses, conferences, as well as cultural and sports events, including mega-events. Annually they attract over 1 million guests from all over the world, which is 50% of all attendees of similar events in Poland.


What were the Grupa MTP’s needs before we began our partnership?

Grupa MTP needed integration that would provide a fast exchange of different data formats. Up to this moment, the company used different database technologies, mostly MS SQL Server Integration Services. They needed a universal solution that would work with many different formats. It would also have to meet the requirements of the administrative tools and provide:

  • creating task schedules and process automation
  • handling task queues with different priority levels
  • monitoring and logging integration tasks

Grupa MTP also cared about the intuitiveness of the tool as well as its ease of implementation and usage. The company needed a solution that would allow them to monitor the processes at each stage, e.g. by sending notifications about the task status. That would make it easier to efficiently manage the whole script and improve the reaction time in response to the potential errors.


FME, the answer to the Grupa MTP’s needs

Grupa MTP chose FME. Why did they choose this particular platform?

  • It easily integrates with internal systems such as CRM or ERP
  • It has an intuitive graphical programming interface
  • Constant Globema support, for example, with the installation of the production environment
  • There are training workshops about the Workbench tool.

What does Grupa MTP use FME for?

Integrating different databases with automated information exchange

FME allowed Grupa MTP to gather all data in one place and take control over many integrations. Using the FME platform helped to significantly reduce Point-to-Point integrations.

Creating reports and comparisons based on data from different types of databases

Thanks to FME, the process of transferring crucial data could be automated.


Which processes were improved by FME and what were the benefits?

Updating data that powers the company's Intranet

Simplifying the process made it possible to maintain data of particular departments and the whole company up to date.

Powering the system for employee card access

Card access to the Grupa MTP's locations was based on the up-to-date information about employees, It allowed the company to manage working hours more precisely.

Handling submissions and orders

The process of creating order names for the exhibitors and their automatic transfer from the ERP system Oracle and CRM system MsSQL was simplified. It helped to increase the quality and control over the external customer service.

Handling the auto-notification system about expiring offer dates in tenders

This helps the MTP sales department to focus on preparing the most competitive offers.

Updating the exchange rate table

Thanks to FME, MTP can download data from National Bank of Poland's API and synchronize tables in the ERP IFS modules. This solution made it easier to deal with international contractors.

Handling older database versions

Maintaining older database versions is required by the standards and internal conditions of Grupa MTP.

FME also provided an option to send notifications based on FME Server events (such as creating a repository or backup), and topics, when the task finishes successfully or fails. Grupa MTP used this functionality to improve their processes. FME Server offers many preconfigured topics but the customer was free to modify them or create new ones.

ToBilet – a new application of FME

The ToBilet platform, a new brand of Grupa MTP, was created in 2020. The COVID-19 restrictions made the new service quickly gain popularity. The platform sells online tickets for events, also those organized by other event industry companies.


This created a need for processing data about ticket sales (such as a number, type, and way of purchasing) in the database systems within Grupa MTP.

The company employees articulated a need for creating a special system. It was particularly important since the data about sales are a valuable source of information for performing analyses and making business decisions.


The IT department employees in Grupa MTP went through the initial training and additional workshops conducted by Globema. They quickly and efficiently learned to use FME Desktop as well as FME Server. Thanks to these skills, they were able to create a special tool for handling the sale data on the ToBilet platform.

To complete the task, MTP’s employees used FME Server Apps, simple web apps available for particular users with an URL address. The apps share data from any date range in a specified format, helping to accurately address marketing activities.


Thanks to the new skills, creating a solution based on FME helped to achieve measurable time (from months to weeks) as well as cost savings in comparison to using other methods or external services.

An additional aspect appreciated by the customer was the option to assign particular roles to the application users. This function provided safety, as it guarantees that sensitive information, such as personal data, won’t fall into the wrong hands.

The tool created by the IT department based on FME Server Apps is now broadly used by the account managers of particular events.

Thanks to FME, the IT department in Grupa MTP can develop integration processes they created with our help and find entirely new applications of the platform. Creating the additional application for is one example.


FME supports more than 450 data formats and performing over 500 data operations. Additionally, there is an option for installing the software on over 15 On-Premise systems and in the cloud solutions. The vast range of FME applications has made Grupa MTP independent from the technical requirements of other systems and their providers.

Using the FME platform turned out to be the answer to Grupa MTP’s needs and challenges. Using the data integration platform resulted in great time savings and more efficient information flow between different departments and the customers.

In designing our company’s integration process, Globema’s experts conducted thorough technical consultations to align with Grupa MTP’s needs. During this task, they meticulously analyzed the existing ICT architecture and the key business processes. Our partnership was excellent, and FME, implemented by Globema, has become an essential tool for our IT department.
Maciej Korasiak
IT Director, Grupa MTP

We’re sure that thanks to the acquired skills, rich educational content, and the special support package of the FME experts, the tool delivered by Globema will support Grupa MTP at each stage of their development.

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