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More efficient estimation of prosumers’ energy production and consumption – Tauron case study

By June 17, 2022July 6th, 2022Case study, Energy

Globema has created a solution for forecasting energy production and consumption from renewables by prosumers, that is, from numerous distributed and unstable sources. Thanks to them, TAURON Group can more accurately predict the share of energy from RES in the national energy balance. Get to know the story of Globema and TAURON’s cooperation.

In recent years, we could observe the dynamic growth of prosumer installations. According to the report of the Energy Regulatory Office (URE), as of the end of 2021, electricity was generated in 856 216 micro installations (of less than 50kW power). Their total installed power equaled over 6.1 GW. The largest number (855,664), and installed power (6,089.4 MW) of installations of less than 50kW power, were solar photovoltaic (PV) installations. Almost 100% of them was used by prosumers, who produced a total of 2 688 441.100 MWh of energy.

More than 300,000 prosumer installations of less than 50 kW power are connected to TAURON’s distribution network, so the company has to handle the largest volume of electricity introduced to the grid by prosumers in the Polish power sector. Both the huge number of small and distributed prosumer installations as well as the amount of energy they produce and introduce into the grid show that it is necessary to look for effective methods of forecasting the energy they produce and consume. It is for this purpose that Tauron turned to Globema for help.


Find out:

What challenge did Globema face?

What approach to solving the problem did we propose?

What came next from this cooperation?

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