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Low-voltage topology – the next new product in our portfolio

By August 13, 2020October 27th, 2020Artificial Intelligence, Energy, Mobile, Smart Grid
low-voltage topology

Do you manage network assets for a corporation in the energy industry? Are you looking for reliable, intuitive tools to manage inventory and verify data in the field? You no longer have to depend on complicated, traditional form solutions. Imagine the benefit of a mobile application controlled by voice and gestures that allows you to effectively collect data about the field infrastructure and report its updates. Meet the LV Topology application.

Collecting data in the field using AI

LV Topology uses Artificial Intelligence to recognize speech, gestures, and images, and automatically classify them. This way, it collects data from many energy structures. Moreover, working with the application is easier thanks to the built-in industry dictionary with common energy-related terms. If the application needs the user to clarify a word, it can be easily done using a touchscreen.

What about your collected data?

A ready network model with data and photos collected in the field can be conveniently viewed using the web application, an integral part of the LV Topology tool. It can also be loaded into the system of your choice, as the LV Topology application exports data in all standard formats.

Learn how your company can improve its effectiveness thanks with LV Topology application.