LOBSTER & OPTYMALIZATOR – new R&D projects co-financed by EU

By November 21, 2021December 9th, 2021Artificial Intelligence, R & D
research and development projects

We have great news! We have started two new R&D projects co-funded by the EU. The aim of our R&D projects is, among others, to introduce innovation in the energy sector and to improve the production of renewables and the management of renewable energy sources. We are also working on field service management solutions that will improve operations and reduce the companies’ carbon footprint. In our projects, we use artificial intelligence and machine learning. Find out more about the projects that are currently keeping us busy in the Smart Data Solutions department.


As part of this project, we are developing a system supporting energy management in Local Balancing Areas. It will include distributed renewable energy sources (e.g. small producers, producing energy thanks to photovoltaic panels), energy storage and e-mobility infrastructure.

LOBSTER will allow Distribution System Operators as well as clusters and energy cooperatives to:

  • conduct local energy balancing in points of exchange with the network by Transmission System Operators,
  • maximize the production from renewables,
  • provide system services related to demand regulation or energy production.

It will also enable the technical feasibility of contracts.

The project is carried out in cooperation with the Warsaw University Interdisciplinary Center for Mathematical and Computer Modelling (ICM). The Center is also our partner in the 4RES i prognOZEr projects.


The second project, OPTYMALIZATOR (OPTIMIZER), is a system of automatic task assignment in highly variable and geographically dispersed execution sites.

The solution will use artificial intelligence mechanisms; based on parameters such as location, distance between points, or current traffic volume, the tool will arrange the most optimal route. The newly created algorithms will also take into account the carbon footprint.

The system will benefit both companies employing people working in the field (from the telecommunications, energy, gas and heating sectors, as well as service and insurance companies) and companies involved in transportation (TSL sector).

OPTIMIZER will allow companies to plan field work and deliveries more efficiently, and thus help them make better use of resources and reduce their carbon footprint, as well as provide them with a competitive advantage on the market.

OPTYMALIZATOR is also another example of our solutions for managing employees and tasks in the field (FSMS).

Both projects are co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Intelligent Development Program 2014-2020. The project is implemented under the National Centre for Research and Development “Fast Track” competition, Action: Enterprise R&D Projects.