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Marek Gondzio was elected as the vice-chairman of the NCCET Council

On 20th November 2015 Marek Gondzio, Globema CEO, was elected as the vice-chairman of the Council of Polish National Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications (NCCET). The Chamber is the leading ICT industry association in the country. Andrzej Dulka, CEO of Alcatel-Lucent Polska, was elected as the Council chairman. Stefan Kaminski is NCCET president since 1995 and his presidency was once again extended. Marek Gondzio has been a member of the NCCET council since 2012.

Globema is an active member of many professional organizations. Marek Maniecki (VP of Globema), acts as a member of council of the Polish Chamber of Computer Science and Telecommunication and a chairman of the PIIT Energy Committee since January 1993. Globema is also a member and one of the founders of NCCET Smart Grids section which main goal is to support private and public smart grid and renewable energy sources initiatives. Ryszard Rybus, Globema VP&COO, has been the section chairman since 2014.

TIME Economic Forum

Every year Globema participates in the annual TIME (Telecommunications, Internet, Media, Electronics) Economic Forum – one of the most important meetings of the ICT industry in Poland, held by NCCET. The event provides an opportunity to discuss the most relevant solutions which will have a significant impact on the pace and directions of growth of the dynamically changing electronic communications market, both in Poland and abroad.

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National Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications (NCCET) was founded in 1992. NCCET is a non-profit association of public and private entities acting in the field of electronics, telecommunications and radio & TV broadcasting.

About NCCET energy strategy initiative

In 2015 NCCET elaborated the new Energy Strategy – a set of propositions, theses and strategic objectives, based on which the members of NCCET define the possible development directions for the ICT industry in the field of energy technologies. The main goal of the strategy is to set new directions for the development of the ICT industry in Poland and increasing the innovativeness of the country’s energy sector.

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