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Introducing GIS GeoGrid 1.5: Enhanced Data Safety, Measurement Capabilities, and More!

By March 29, 2024April 2nd, 2024Services

In our fast-paced reality, characterized by the demand for rapid access to information and seamless collaboration, IT solutions must offer simplicity, efficiency, and robust data security.

With this in mind, we are thrilled to introduce GIS GeoGrid 1.5, the latest iteration of our innovative solution packed with features designed to meet these evolving needs. Let’s delve into the enhancements!

What’s new in GIS GeoGrid 1.5?

Streamlined Sharing of Critical Information

Expanding on our integration with the FME Platform server, GeoGrid 1.5 introduces new parameters, including the ability to select disc files and layers, draw polygons, and specify points on a map.

These additions empower users to effortlessly share input data with FME scripts, facilitating efficient data processing. For instance, users can now easily share specific map points requiring coverage area generation, enabling seamless collaboration and streamlined workflows.

Enhanced Measurement Capabilities

With GeoGrid 1.5, measuring distances and coverage areas is just the beginning. Users can now utilize the measurement tool to determine altitude at any point on the map, a particularly valuable feature for tasks involving terrain-based information, such as designing heating networks.

Simplified Information Sharing

Introducing the option to share objects and map views via a simple link, GeoGrid 1.5 eliminates the need for cumbersome IDs or object names. This streamlined sharing process accelerates collaboration and facilitates integration with other systems, allowing users to seamlessly access specific objects within GeoGrid.

Enhanced Attribute Management

Building upon the attribute management function introduced in the previous release, GeoGrid 1.5 now extends attribute grouping to object editing. This organizational enhancement not only simplifies attribute browsing but also accelerates workflow efficiency.

If you found this article insightful and are interested in exploring how GeoGrid can benefit your business, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a free demo and experience the power of GeoGrid 1.5 firsthand.