Transport and logistics industry

The transport and logistics industry keeps on growing. A larger international delivery market means increased demand for shipping and courier services. As a transport company develops, it faces different challenges: managing driver work, automating processes, spatial analyses, route planning, and organizing efficient deliveries.

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transport solutions

Thanks to the Field Service/Mobile Workforce Management tools you can automate planning schedules and optimal routes as well as implement driver worktime control. Automated task and route planning help you to efficiently manage orders, promptly react to customer needs, and lower gas costs and CO2 emissions.

Additionally, map applications and data management improve the information flow and business decision-making process.

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Optimized routes

GeoTraxx – plan and optimize routes tailored to your business model and customer needs

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Customer service

GeoTask – improve efficiency of your Field Network Operations

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Professional maps

Google Maps – use the best map solutions and cloud services in the world

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Data integration

FME – integrate and transform your data, adjusting them to your needs

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