Telecommunications industry

Telecommunications operators and service providers around the world face fierce competition and new challenges such as growing operating costs and maintaining the continuous supply to the end-users. The capacity demand has additionally increased due to the pandemic with more people working and studying at home.

Your challenges

Developing telecommunications services requires continuous access to current, reliable data about the network and its utilization.

Manage your resources and field workforce in a way that ensures reliable development and maintenance of your infrastructure as well as uninterrupted service provisioning.

Our answer

Network inventory

Plan your network, maintain infrastructure, and activate new services. Manage your network inventory more easily

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Network Digital Twin

GlobIQ – collect and maintain network inventory data

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Network maintenance

GeoTask – improve the efficiency of your Field Network Operations

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Professional maps

Google Maps – use the best map solutions and cloud services in the world

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Map applications

GeoPlatform – build your map application based on standard components with our help

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Data integration

FME – integrate and transform your data, adjusting them to your needs

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Business process automation

AI/ML – analyze and process large databases, automate tedious business processes

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Customer service

GeoTask – improve the efficiency of your Field Network Operations

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Automated document categorization and extracting data

iDoc – extract data from documentation with the support of AI algorithms

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Accelerate network design through automation

NetVersant Designer – plan and design hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) and fiber-to-the-customer (FTTx) networks

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We have over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and we know all of its needs and struggles. More than 300 telco companies around the world use our services and solutions.

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What do our customers say?

Thanks to Google Maps, our project looks very professional, and we stand out from our competition. (…) Working with Globema was superb, I haven’t worked with such a company in a long time.

Fiber Network ServicesFrantišek Čihák

GeoTask has allowed us to combine all of the key processes of delivering services to our customers in a single system. (…) Globema’s employees have proved their advanced implementation and analytical skills as well as vast industry knowledge. (…) They are open to teamwork and sharing their expertise with us.

J.S. HamiltonMarzena Bogdaniuk, Logistics Officer

Globema completed all of the project stages with due diligence, following our agreement. I’m happy to recommend Globema not only as trustworthy business partner but also as a company that deeply cares about the most vulnerable members of our society.

Grupa WarszawaKinga Rylska, Marketing Director

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Network Inventory for years (Smallworld)

For the past 20 years, NIS has been helping Netia to develop its network, manage the infrastructure, introduce cutting-edge technology, and more.

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Managing physical and logical network and telecommunication services

How does Network Inventory System help Exatel manage its network and deliver advanced telecommunications services to a large number of customers?

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Improving customer service and retention at UPC Poland

GeoTask supports UPC Poland in distributing and managing thousands of daily tasks as well as improving the customer service process.

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Improved efficiency of network management and outage handling process

GeoTask helps UPC manage several hundreds of fieldwork technicians and improve network maintenance operations.

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Automated validation and migration of project documentation into an inventory system

Globema’s solution based on FME helped Nexera automate data validation process, fix errors, and accelerate data migration.

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Fiber Network Services

Implementing Google Maps to visualize high-speed Internet coverage

Google Maps helped Fiber Network Services visualize their network data, so that customers can easily identify the range of services offered for their addresses.

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The Central Address System for UPC

Globema supports UPC in managing address data to ensure efficient management of investment and business processes.

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A Romanian telecom operator

Introducing field mobility & reducing operational costs

GeoTask supports our customer in Romania in scheduling and managing thousands of customer appointments and tasks related to daily network maintenance.

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