All telecom operators and service providers are facing unprecedented challenges of growing competition, convergence and combining aged infrastructure with fast technology development. Telecom operators are also facing opportunities resulting from mergers and acquisitions, NGN revolution, high capacity demands of cloud computing and social networks.

Solutions provided & implemented by Globema support telecoms in managing everyday operations, such as service quality monitoring, network assets planning, design, maintenance & fault management, resource-facing service provisioning, field service automation and more. We also provide workflow, business intelligence and geomarketing solutions.


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Solutions and services provided by Globema support over 50 telecoms and cable tv operators worldwide,  including large and established national telecommunications operators, cable multi-service operators, long haul carriers, mobile operators, local ISPs and cable TV suppliers.

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Getting the most of Smallworld™ Network Inventory: How Exatel manages the network and delivers advanced telecom services to over 1500 enterprise customers using an end-to-end, pre-integrated OSS solution

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Industry-specific expertise and experience

Globema has proven expertise in the telecommunications and cable TV industry. Thanks to the long-term and multiple-project experience in cooperating with telecom operators, our consultants know and understand their key business processes and challenges.

Wherever you are, we are here to help

Our key activities, such as software development, integration, maintenance and trainings, are not limited to any certain location! Globema provides services globally, both remotely and on customers’ sites.

Mature, market-leading and innovative technologies

Industry-specific geospatial software systems offered by Globema and our Partners have been developed, enhanced and successfully used by telecoms for over 20 years, thus today they feature an uncontested set of advanced functionalities.


Physical Network Inventory

GE Smallworld PNI

Logical Network Inventory

GE Smallworld LNI

Optical Network Atlas for PNI

Physical Route Manager for PNI – Management of Physical Routes in Transmission Networks

Optical Path Scheme for PNI – Scheme Generation for Optical Network

Radio Network Inventory for PNI – inventory of radio towers and wireless equipment

Cable TV Design for Smallworld PNI – Support for Coaxial and Optical Network Design

Service Inventory for PNI & LNI – B2B services in Logical Network Inventory

Data Quality Tool for Smallworld GIS – Data Verifier and Error Data Handler

Network Inventory Maintenance Support – Automated Reporting

Logical Browser for LNI – Get Information on Logical Network Instantly

LNI-connector – Support and Simplify Network Data Import


Google Maps Platform

Google Maps Solutions

Mobile Data Collector Suite – Managing Networks in Telecoms and Utilities


Workforce Management – Google Maps-based Solutions