Retail and e-commerce industry

Nowadays, retail and e-commerce are some of the most customer-centric and multi-channel industries. They also make the most out of the mobile technologies, as due to the pandemic, the number of people shopping online significantly increased. Therefore, planning optimal delivery routes and schedules, as well as process automation, have become more important than ever.

Your challenges

ecommerce solutions

How can you effectively manage all channels of customer acquisition and service? How can you optimize the delivery process and transport? How should you use your customer information and data about their business decision process?

No matter what’s your industry, to stay on top of your competition and optimize your operating costs, you need the support of modern tools for data integration and applications based on maps.

Make sure you use your resources and data to its full potential with our tools supporting customer service, fieldwork, or data visualization.

Our answer

Professional maps

Google Maps – use the best map solutions and cloud services in the world

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Customer service

GeoTask – improve the efficiency of your Field Network Operations

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Data integration

FME – integrate and transform your data, adjusting them to your needs

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Map applications

GeoPlatform – build your map application based on standard components with our help

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