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Costs of CO2 emission keep on growing so gas and liquid fuels continue to be a common substitute for coal. Companies that transmit and distribute gas and oil need to keep up with the constant demand and stricter environmental requirements. They also struggle with the subsequent economic crises and the pressure to reduce or optimize operating costs. These problems can be solved by business process digital transformation.

Your challenges

gas oil solutions

Your challenges include operating cost optimization and maintaining delivery stability. You also need geospatial solutions designed for gas and oil transmission and distribution. They allow you to manage the infrastructure, promptly react to different events, and perform complex technical analyses.

It’s difficult to perform business processes without tools for fieldwork management and outage management that are integrated with ERP, SCADA, and other systems.

Our answer

Spatial network inventory

Manage the pipeline network spatial inventory

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Customer service

GeoTask – improve the efficiency of your Field Network Operations

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Professional maps

Google Maps – use the best map solutions and cloud services in the world

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Telecommunications and energy network inventory

Plan your network and maintain its architecture within one GIS platform

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Network Digital Twin

GlobIQ – collect and maintain network inventory data

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Business process automation

AI/ML – analyze and process large databases, automate tedious business processes

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Data integration

FME – integrate and transform your data, adjusting them to your needs

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