One of the key challenges of the energy industry today is to improve the quality and reliability of power grids along with connecting distributed generation resources including renewables (photo-voltaic panels, water power plants & wind turbines).

Globema delivers integrated software solutions for energy production, distribution & transmission that enable using geospatial data and various communications technologies to streamline operations, efficiently manage & maintain energy networks and perform advanced calculations.

Our portfolio includes comprehensive network assets inventory, Smart Grid software, fault management, work force optimization and geomarketing solutions as well as data visualization and business support tools.


Physical Network Inventory

GE Smallworld PNI

Logical Network Inventory

GE Smallworld LNI


Google Maps Platform

Google Maps Solutions

Mobile Data Collector Suite – Managing Networks in Telecoms and Utilities


Workforce Management – Google Maps-based Solutions

Smallworld Electric Office – Electric Utility Asset Management Lifecycle

EL.Gis – Network Assets Management for Energy

ELGrid – Development, Planning and Management of Electric Grid

4Res – Forecasting, Planning and Management Support for RES Operators

MGrid – System for Microgrid Energy Support

iSKOL – Monitoring High Voltage Overhead Lines

GE PowerOn Advantage – Management of Electrical Distribution Networks

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Industry-specific expertise and experience

We share proven expertise in energy production, transmission and distribution industry. Thanks to the long-term experience in cooperating directly with various utility operators, our consultants know and understand their key business processes and challenges.

Wherever you are, we are here to help

Our core activities, such as software development, integration, maintenance and trainings, are not limited to any certain location! Globema provides services globally, both remotely and on customers’ sites. The strategic alliance with GE Energy also enables our teams to conduct and participate in innovative SmartGrid projects and innitiatives in Europe and abroad.

Mature, market-leading and innovative technologies

Industry-specific geospatial software systems offered by Globema and our Partners have been developed, enhanced and successfully used by utilities for many years, thus today they feature an uncontested set of comprehensive & advanced functionalities. GE Smallworld, deployed by over a 1000 enterprise customers, is defined as the market leader in geospatial solutions for utilities by Gartner.

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