District Heating industry

As cities increase their dependence on network heating, new opportunities for heating companies are being created. At the same time, customer service standards are growing and environmental compliance becomes a rule. This means that convenient access to data and business process digital transformation are crucial.

Your challenges

heating solutions

To meet the specific requirements of the heating industry, you need modern IT systems to manage network inventory as well as perform hydraulic and thermodynamic calculations.

Your business also needs support for everyday fieldwork and data visualization.

Our answer

Heating inventory

DH.GIS – manage your heating inventory and improve business operations

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Network Digital Twin

GlobIQ – collect and maintain network inventory data

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Network maintenance

GeoTask – improve the efficiency of your Field Network Operations

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Map applications

GeoPlatform – build your map application based on standard components with our help

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Business process automation

AI/ML – analyze and process large databases, automate tedious business processes.

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Professional maps

Google Maps – use the best map solutions and cloud services in the world

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Data integration

FME – integrate and transform your data, adjusting them to your needs

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