GlobIQ – data maintenance

Maintaining up-to-date information in network inventory systems

of telecommunication and utility companies

A consistent network asset repository in the inventory management systems is fundamental to the digital transformation of utility companies including energy, district heating, water supply, oil & gas, as well as telecommunication operators. Maintaining up-to-date information about network assets can be a real challenge due to dynamic network changes: expansions, outage management, as well as client connections & disconnections.

GlobIQ tools and services facilitate:

effective reporting of changes within the network

automating the processing of project and as-built documentation

the final updating of the network model in the system

Real-time digital network asset data lay the foundation for effective business, operation, and investment processes of telecommunication and utility operators.


Maintaining up-to-date information in the asset management system is challenging due to the huge number of stored network elements and the high dynamics of operational and investment processes, that constantly generate new data.

What are the consequences of outdated information in an asset management system?

  • lowered effectiveness of business processes as employees don’t trust the accuracy of their asset management system
  • diminished return on investment from implementing an asset management system

How does GlobIQ support data maintenance in your asset management system?


GlobIQ – tools supporting data maintenance

New investments and network modernization
Digitizing network data from technical documentation (project or as-built):

  • Digitizing network elements from unstructured documentation (e.g. paper documents) along with automatic recognition of objects and their attributes in the iDOC platform.
  • Automating the conversion and migration of data from digital sources (CAD files, CSV files, databases) using  FME, a data integration platform
Network maintenance and operations
Reporting network changes in the field:

  • Specialized industry mobile apps to register outage resolutions, network inspections, as well as client connections and disconnections
  • User-friendly application for field technicians based on image recognition and voice control mechanisms
Network acquisition requires the new owner to complete a data migration project. GlobIQ supports the entire process, regardless of the digitization level of the acquired network:

  • The FME Platform supports the data migration from the asset management system owned by the previous operator
  • AI/ML tools automate the process of digitizing paper documentation
  • Dedicated mobile apps support creating and verifying inventory in the field
Updating the digital network model in your asset management system
The universal data integration platform, FME, has over 400 interfaces for handling systems, databases, and file formats. It allows you to update data in the destination system regardless of technology, e.g.:

  • Smallworld
  • ESRI
  • Hexagon

What benefits can you achieve with GlobIQ?

Benefits of implementing GlobIQ

  • improved data quality for your network assets
  • reduced costs of updating data
  • improved efficiency of network operations performed by field technicians
  • reduced field work

Benefits of improving data quality

  • smoother business processes
  • lower cost of investment processes
  • higher return on investment in the asset management system
  • increased employee trust in the asset management system

Why should you choose us?

  Our experience – see the numbers

During our digitization projects we helped acquire data about:

1 000 000

network connection points

100 000

kilometers of cables

20 000

devices, such as rack spaces and conduits

3 200

kilometers of pipelines

31 000

kilometers of energy networks (LV, MV, and HV)

12 000

energy stations with internal schemas

8 000 000

devices (poles, connectors, measurement devices, and others)

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