GlobIQ – digitizing network asset data for telecommunication and utility companies

Tools and services for building and maintaining digital network asset models

Building a Network Digital Twin by digitizing network asset data is the key to digitally transforming utility companies including energy, district heating, water supply, oil & gas, and telecommunication operators.

We’re introducing the GlobIQ Platform – a set of tools and services using artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). The Platform helps you collect and maintain data to build a spatial database of your network assets.

network digital twin

What can you use GlobIQ for?

Build digital network asset models

Collect high-quality data from the field, your paper documentation, and dispersed digital sources, and use your information to create a consistent database for all network elements.

How does GlobIQ support data collection?

Make use of always up-to-date information about your network

Improve the process of reporting network changes, automate documentation processing, and update your network model. Ensure high quality of data in your asset management system.

How does GlobIQ keep you network information up-to-date?

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