The first step to a Network Digital Twin through building digital asset models for telecommunication and utility companies

A Network Digital Twin provides a connected view of the end-to-end network of assets. The first step towards creating a Network Digital Twin for telecommunication and utility companies (energy, heating, water, gas & oil) is building a consistent repository of network assets. In this process, the challenge is to gather and consolidate information about all elements in the network. This can be expensive and time-consuming.


GlobIQ is a service based on powerful tools that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, for:

data digitization from

paper documents

migrating and consolidating data

from digital sources

data inventory

in the field

To maximize the value of a Network Digital Twin, the data capture must be complemented by data governance procedures. GlobIQ will give you access to the collected data and tools to maintain the operational network model during digitization. This way, the digital transformation of the key processes at your company will be faster and cheaper.


Building a geospatial network model is often expensive and time-consuming.

There are many different geographically dispersed elements that comprise the network

The process of extracting data from paper documents (that are often outdated) can be very time consuming and potentially introduce data errors

Creating a data inventory in the field can be costly, time-consuming, and error prone

The procedures of keeping the collected information up-to-date are often unreliable or missing altogether

What does GlobIQ offer?

GlobIQ – data collection

Digitizing network data from technical documentation


→ Building a spatial database of technical documentation based on AI/ML mechanisms. The LocDoc app gives your whole company access to all documents
→ Digitizing network elements with AI/ML tools. Automated object and attribute recognition.

Data migration from digital sources (CAD projects, CSV files, databases, etc.)


We use FME to migrate and consolidate the digital data from dispersed sources. FME is a data integration platform that supports more than 450 data formats.

Data capture and verification in the field


The process is based on mobile apps tailored to customer data models (LV Topology and Smart Forms) that use image recognition and voice control to facilitate field operations.

GlobIQ – tools for data governance

Adjusting a data model to the specific digitization project


The digitization project is based on the geospatial, topological data model for telecommunications, energy, heating, as well as gas & oil industries.

Iterative publishing of digital data


The digitization project is completed in stages. After each stage, the data is shared with the whole company.

→ Scanned documentation – LocDoc
→ Digital network model – a web app GeoGrid

Data governance


We complete the project stages while simultaneously implementing the procedures and tools to report network changes and update the digital model. Reporting of network changes is supported by the GeoTask system for fieldwork management and specialized NIMS applications to report detailed data.

Implementation support for the full AM/GIS system


→ The network digitization process can be started even before you implement a fully functional network inventory system
→ We provide migration of the data collected using GlobIQ to the customer’s Network Inventory System regardless of the platform it’s based on (Smallworld GIS, ESRI, Integraph, and others).

Why should you collect data based on GlobIQ?

Lower costs of network data digitization

Gradual sharing of network data – faster and deeper digital transformation of operator processes

Lower costs of keeping the information up to date in the digital repository

Effective implementation of a network inventory system based on collected digital data

Why should you partner with us?

We have more than 20 years of experience implementing network inventory systems for telecommunication and utilities as well as data capture.

See our solutions for network industries:

network digital twin

Our experience in numbers:

During our digitization projects, we collected a large variety of data such as:

  • 1,000,000+ network connection points
  • 100,000+ kilometers of cables
  • 20,000+ devices (switchboards, racks, etc.)
  • 3,200+ kilometers of pipeline
  • 31,000+ kilometers of low, medium, and high voltage energy networks
  • 12,000+ energy stations with internal schematics
  • 8,000,000+ devices (poles, connectors, measuring devices, etc.)

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