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Globema renews its prestigious status of Research and Development Center!

By September 10, 2023June 20th, 2024R & D
Globema R+D

This is the 11th time we have received the prestigious status of Research and Development Center, which is awarded annually by the Ministry of Development, Labor, and Technology. In Poland, close to 60 companies can boast this distinction.

The R&D Center status is granted to companies that invest in research and development and draw profits from these activities. A company with this title provides technical and scientific support to specific industries and specializations, such as the energy or IT and engineering sectors. Currently, 58 companies in Poland hold the R&D Center status.

Globema is also involved in research and development projects, which are partly financed through European Union funds. The work has resulted in a number of solutions, including:

  • A digital asset model for telecommunications and other companies with networks in their assets, as part of the GlobIQ project,
  • The 4RES solution, for forecasting renewable energy production, as part of the PROGO project,
  • An intelligent low-voltage network reconfiguration system, as part of the ESRS project,
  • A system for monitoring the technical condition of cable lines, as part of the SORAL project,
  • A system for power grid optimization, as part of the ElGrid project
  • The LOBSTER system – for the support of energy management in Local Balancing Areas.

From R&D project to commercial solutions

Two of the solutions developed as part of research and development projects deserve special attention:

The iDoc solution, which uses artificial intelligence algorithms to read data from documents. It has been implemented at Stoen Operator and has allowed the company to reduce the time needed to enter information from paper documentation, into the company’s database by 60%, as well as make better use of its employees’ time.

GlobIQ Platform

You can read more about this cooperation in article: Stoen Operator inwestuje w cyfrowe innowacje dla rozwoju energetyki [in Polish] and in the case study on our website:

Read the iDoc case study

The second solution – is the SORAL system, which is used for early detection of power cable failures.

SORAL is the result of a cooperation between Globema and Energa Operator and is being launched in the first branch of this company.

Network Inventory

Read more about this is the article: Energetycy będą „widzieć” stan kabli ułożonych pod ziemią – ENERGA-OPERATOR SA  [in Polish]. If you want to find out more about SORAL, visit the solution website:

Find out more about SORAL

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